2021 Where do we go from here


My anxiety level this last 8 months has gone through the roof and having to deal with meanies and aggressive ppl has really done a number on me.


i know the feeling…dont let the meanies and the aggressive know about your anxiety…just keep your cool and imagine those mean people doing embarassing things like picking their nose in public.


Having my Stuart Smalley moment haha


they just need love…:slight_smile:


thank you lord sweet jesus that trump is banned from social media…and thank you mitt romney for standing up to trump.

good luck president biden the ball is in your court. America is counting on you to be our leader…learn from history but dont repeat the same mistakes.

even though i am an average no one gives a fuck about everyday citizen…if the leader fucks up i will point it out…if they have flaws, i will expect them to set a better standard by being that standard,…if they do good i will give credit where credit is due…regardless of which party…and as a citizen i will do what i have to do.

no one is perfect…nobody is a monolith.