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Hello there, I am Meta and my GAS brought me here! Help plz k thx!


Hi, I just signed up as well.

oops, I didn’t mean to shout


Ultra strength, tough on GAS!


you did it all for the nookie and you know it

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Thanks for being a helpful part of internal digestion management forums!

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After a mostly fruitless walk in the woods of sonical options for ages, and going on a long break due to addiction and other issues, im planning to get started again with Reaper and all of the best free VSTs i laid eyes on over the years. There is an obvious learning curve there but there is so much good stuff out if i can just re-compose myself and set up some basic configuration. I sadly lost all my links and such but i remember VarietyOfSound to be a great source to name one.


Well hello all. I’m an old fart with no talent that will never quite fit but fuck it.
So I’ve been around for about 4 years on the old and here since the new.
My background is been a vinylist since I bought my 1st vinyl aged 12.
Got into hip hop to rave in the 80s. 80s sampling scene and 90s leading to dance, trance and breaks.
Influences from Floyd to zepplin, eno to The orb, public enemy to Prodigy. Chemical brothers, fat boy slim to plump djs.Love acid, drum and bass jungle, dub reggae and ambient to everything else that sounds goods. Favourite dj Judge Jules. Fav producer Paul Oakenfold.
Still got my original sl1210s since 30 years ago with over 2000 vinyls but way of dj foods 60000 . Got an array of hardware but migrated more ITB.
Really fortunate to be on several software companies beta panels.
A strong advocate on the old site for the beat battles. If you ain’t done one do… A great way to make connections likewise any community project.
Feel a little disjointed and lost since the relquanch. Lost track of many who was who so here we are.
Anyway. Like most all my tracks are work in progress. Also learning and having fun. But since the famu has expanded… Kids. Fund barely 20 mins a day to play.
Golden rule. Its easy to judge and condem. Until you walk in another person’s shoes, you have no place to judge.
Be kind. Be good. Do ill to none.


Check out this thread, lots of great free plugins: Free plugins!

cheers, gonna have a look, will be interesting to see and edit inc