YOUTUBE - Loop or Simple Track Ideas... Community Project

So I end up watching videos related to a lot of different shit on YouTube. I actually happened upon some production videos related to YT’s royalty free stuff. I haven’t really done any research but everytime I see it, I think it would be neat to make a few tracks for.

My current conclusion of YT-related stuff is, quiet to a point that it isn’t distracting, but interesting to a point that intertwines with the vocality of people speaking.

My question, from a community stand point is…

Would any of you guys be interested in a community voted project where we sub stuff for the YT algorithm. Sub to it, in whatever fashion that details.

Like I said I know nothing about, just seemed neat. And ideally a PR for us together if we can reference in some way.


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sounds coolmin theory.mget some deets on how it works and I bet we could get some interest going. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yea, as a community or as the label has a channel(if required), upload stuff to their free music thing, for people to use in videos.

@Creepr I’ll look into it a bit and see.

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@Creepr Actually just read that it isn’t an open thing. People are either contracted to do it or it is done in-house. So scratch that idea.

We could do it here… and then mirror it on a YouTube channel.