Your scene stories

Once I was at a rave where they sold grilled cheese sandwhiches

There used to be this really awesome venue where my black metal band used to play. Ironically enough, its address was downtown at “666 South”. Loved playing there.

Utah has this trend lately of rich ass people from Cali or Pacific NW coming down and buying up venues, turning them into all ages - removing alcohol and running them into the ground.

I went to go see my buddies deathcore band there last year, and it was all ages… the entire bar was stripped… and they were literally making PB&J sandwiches for all the high school teens…

…I kinda died inside that day. Fuck the SLC scene, whatever is left of it anyways.

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As a finance major (who dabbles in real estate - not as fancy as you think, I do it with glorified stock basically)… wtf? Just buy some condos in a trendy neighborhood and renovate them dude.

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Back in 96 : Laurent Garnier & Jeff Mills on the decks … i truely climb my way up on the stage … start speaking with the dj’s … all the audience shouting the hell out … what for ? The music ? No, me hidding the show backing the audience … 5 mins later … the security flew me out the gig :joy::joy: what a souvenir :joy::joy:

Or : the X-Games in Tignes France … Elisa do Brasil on the decks … i buy a bottle of rhum at the bar & go straight to Elisa to offer her a drink … She did have a zip while smashing the decks … i truely fell in love that day :joy::joy::joy:

Or, the same Elisa in a small ski resort in France … she is so drunk she end up taking off her shoes & start mixing with her feet … i pissed my pants that day :joy::joy:

& it can go like this for quite a few :joy::joy:

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