Your musical guilty pleasure


i have a confession. i like electro swing :slight_smile:
it is so far from my normal tastes but i just cant help but enjoy it!

what is your guilty pleasure in the music world?


edit: frankly, I don’t feel that guilty about it but most of my friends, even in the rave scene, are NOT fans lol


yea not gona lie, im not a fan either :smiley:

thanks for your input <3


HAHAHA. Totally fair dude. Even I have to be in the right mood (that mood is usually crunk HA!)




There’s probably a lot that’s so deeply repressed I can’t bring it back up right now, but this for sure:


I have more guilty pleasures than real ones. And my sources tell me I’m not allowed to post lostprophets anymore so these will have to do instead


I actually have a thing for post-hardcore sometimes lol.

I really love this bands first few albums, the new ones suck, and really MOST post-HC sucks, but sometimes I dive deep on the guilty pleasure train with it.


@Vlantis that is defo interesting that’s like some shit I’d drop after everyone is mad stoned.

@moodorf I fully approve of the first two selections (didn’t peep the others)


It’s Disney on acid.


haha i have to admit its got a vibe you have to appreciate :smiley: and that breakdown at ~50 seconds is a lot of fun


i didnt expect that many replies. thanks everyone, its nice to see im not alone.

here is another one. i dont really feel guilty about this one though, but its an unpopular opinion. not for the light hearted :smiley:


Paramore…and evanesence


Bryan Adams. :slight_smile:
I even propose to my wife to it.