Your First Track

So, I’ve been thinking starting this thread for a while, and i’ve thought about it multiple times, so I figured that was a sign that I should do it. I wanted to share with you guys my first track, but first a little bit of backstory.

I started making, well… noise really, in Fruity Loops (FL Studio) long before I completed an actual track. I burned all of what I had onto a cd, but I no longer have that cd (It’s lost). If I ever find it, well… that would certainly be surprising. I met @Erysys in high school. He was super into electronic/dance music and was making music using Reason 3. I remember he sent me the track Air For Life off of Above & Beyond’s Tri-State album. I fucking couldn’t stop listening to it and it seriously changed my life. Long story short I “borrowed” Reason 3 and started making my own music, mostly house/trance.

Anyway, This is the first track that I ever completed and put up somewhere (in this case, it was acidplanet… I know, right?). My uncle is a big dance music guy, he did the artwork.

Anyway, what does this have to do with you?

Well…I want to hear your very first track you ever produced, if not first, then as far back as you can go. It might also be cool to hear what you were listening to back then, what tools you used and if you had anyone else that helped or inspired you.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys have. :slight_smile:


Nice work…this kinda reminds me a little of that slaughter house club scene from the movie Blade…I know, it’s different, but I think it’s the bass in this that brings it to mind. Nice one. :+1:

As for myself, this was my first track…

My musical tastes are a bit eclectic in general, but I’ve always been a big fan of ambient stuff and movie scores / classical music and I guess that was the over-riding forces at work at the time when I sat down and banged this out on my old Toshiba laptop…no keyboard or controller at the time…just the laptop keyboard to input notes on the piano roll in MuLab.

As for the tools…mostly all free stuff (Thanks Ichiro Toda for all your work, man.) I wanted to see how things would turn out using just free stuff, so I kinda limited myself on that front, aside from a couple of post FXs that were fee-based plugs.

All said and done , I’m pretty proud of this track, even though I totally get it’s not to everyone’s liking.


My first written & recorded track is on a tape. I may or may not still have it somewhere. It was 1988… Just me playing guitar and added my dubbed vocals & guitar solos using and hi-fi system.

It was another world, back then.

You don’t want to hear it :laughing:

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Lol, same here except it was like 2001 with MTV Music Generator. I had some dubbed copies somewhere but I think the CDR’s have all been eroded with age :frowning:

It is a good track! Sounds like techno trance indeed.
Yours too. It would be really nice for driving in rainy days or walking around dark forests. Scuba diving maybe lol.
Thank you for sharing.

  1. She did not know i was recording. She probably did not know what she was saying either.
    The lyrics: translated from slovene:

if i would be alone
What would i do
I did not have myself
I myself will guide me

I improved the mix mostly a year ago because i was learning some mixing and today. Cheating i know. But the composition is original.

Downloaded the cracked daw, and this is the first thing i made after a simple drum loop for jamming.

I found the first recording of guitar playing, but you do not want to listen to it. It was recorded with a shitty phone - horrible audio quality, and the guitar skills were not worth a word. It is easier to make a listenable first track as an electronic music composition for sure!
I am using a fujitsu siemens computer. One core , 2 gb ram. it costed me 50 euros. 20y+ old.

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Mine were Mashups with Audacity…horribad absolutely horribad it was worse than limp bizkit rap rock it was almost as bad as bordering on the delusion that juggalo metal folk polka is legit music

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