Your Favorite live drummers


Buddy rich
The guy from tool the band
The drummer from dilinger escape plan


Akane Hirose
Best rock drummer at the moment.


Travis Barker.

I saw the guy with Blink 182 back in the early 2000’s, then with +44 where he played with a broken arm in a sling. Both times he was incredible to watch. I barely watched anybody else on stage those two nights.

His childhood hero is Animal (the muppet) and he sure grew up to become one.

And last but not least, he survived a plane crash, got badly burned and told he would probably never get behind a drum kit again… I recommend his biography, he’s actually a pretty chill dude who just LOVES drums.


Jonathan Ginger Hamilton (Sam Smith) is my favorite live drummer.


Zach Hill :facepunch:


Nico McBrain FTW.