Your favorite idmf artists


aka the idmf shout out thread…
here’s one of mine



I think tapage was an idmf artist. long-time runner in the idm scene now.


Currently @metaside has my ear. :slight_smile:
And I miss A.M. Always had good stuff that I could either fall asleep to or put in a Ridley Scott film. :smiley:






Are those IDMF artists? Don’t sound familiar.


oh, is this for only releases on the label or just by people from the forum? both of those dudes were certainly members, but not sure if they ever released anything on the label.


I guess it’s ok as long as they are members of the forum


Guess I’ll just bump the only IDMF artist I know.

The guy who put the “V” in vuhjayjay. Vlantis.