Your favorite idmf artists

aka the idmf shout out thread…
here’s one of mine



I think tapage was an idmf artist. long-time runner in the idm scene now.


Currently @metaside has my ear. :slight_smile:
And I miss A.M. Always had good stuff that I could either fall asleep to or put in a Ridley Scott film. :smiley:





Are those IDMF artists? Don’t sound familiar.

oh, is this for only releases on the label or just by people from the forum? both of those dudes were certainly members, but not sure if they ever released anything on the label.

I guess it’s ok as long as they are members of the forum

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Guess I’ll just bump the only IDMF artist I know.

The guy who put the “V” in vuhjayjay. Vlantis.

Let’s revive this thread!

No Floors: Oil and Blood
Best techno album on the netlabel


In that case, let me share this tune:

It was several years after this had come out. Honestly I had started to dwindle in my IDMF association. I don’t often dream of other ppl’s songs. Usually it’s a simple melody over top a basic chord progression (mostly in 4/4), but I have had the occasional dream where someone else’s song played through to which I identify it rather quickly. The thing about this track was that only the pads played in my head as I slept & having heard it too few times I could not identify it. It cycled through my mind for maybe 6 months before I connected it.

Don’t ever forget the meaningful music you hear. It hurts when you can’t reference it to see how much your mind distorted it.


@_ms is one because of sound design

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That track was just sublime. Thanks for sharing!

Glad you like it!

Just rediscovered this place after a long haitus.

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