Yo so...these aliens and shit


So wtf is up with them aliens…

And i mean from space…

Do they coma froma space to teach us of the pliedes


I’m secretly hoping this current shit is real, even though it’s most likely not :alien:


If you look at how this most recent story broke, this is 100% the way we would find out aliens are real.

The man who’s making these claims actually started by taking some budget discrepancies to congress and then the people allegedly in charge of these alien surveillance efforts that use that budget started harassing him for doing his job basically. So he’s suing for unjust reprisal and it’s that suit that has actually made the news and dragged his accusations into the open. The aliens are like a tertiary concern for this guy, it’s the money and the unjust harassment that he really cares about (legally at least).

I follow this guy on youtube, he does really good defense journalism and I trust his summary of the situation more than anything I could understand.


NGL, I stayed up late to watch this. Not sure if previously-live streams embed here, but if not

If any of this is bullshit, I still think it’s possibly the greatest hoax of all time, right up there with Bob Lazar’s story. I know that most of the alien world is dominated by absolute retards trying to profit from their grandiose alien sex escapades, but this would absolutely validate Bob’s claims from decades ago and both of them seem like extremely credible individuals for the most part.

But again, the alien world is littered with way too much random bullshit, so I don’t blame anyone for being extremely skeptical. This could just become another terrible alien documentary, bought and sold to Jeremy Corbell and fizzle out forever because “I don’t profit from any of this shit, I swear!”.

I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of this being part of a systematic unveiling, though. Maybe the US has made some breakthroughs in this invisible alien arms race and is finally ready to show the rest of the world what it’s been up to for the past few decades. That could be a cool flex, and it’s not going to be any scarier to the public than the possibility of being nuked by another country :woman_shrugging:


Alien viruses and bacteria are probably a lot more common than intelligent life…

If theres any intelligent life…its probably 4.8 billion light years away…and had existed 250 million years ago according to what we currently see which depending upon the distance we are looking into the past from the present…

Basically like streaming the 90s blade movie now in 2023…we see wesley snipes but that was wesley snipes 30 years ago.


Not if they’re potentially inter-dimensional beings, which is apparently what the claim entails :alien:

To play devil’s advocate / tin foil hat guy, if what DG is saying is even remotely true, mainstream science wouldn’t have been able to touch it ever since we discovered its existence on earth. Obviously this is very convenient, especially since he can’t reveal too much else, but I still think it’s fun alien lore nonetheless.

His “aliens are generally hostile” stance is pretty unique, though. In his make-believe universe (words I hope to legitimately eat one day), these cross-dimentional entities don’t seem to make any cool demands, but apparently have some kind of agreement with the US government. I hope that means probes and abductions


Sounds a bit like X-Files, apart from there only being one evil alien fraction. I want some friendly aliens fighting the bad guys. Why would hostile interdimensional beings make a deal with the US gov though? Are there some interesting ideas about this?
I obviously have no idea about all this stuff, I was a big UFO fan and bought a few books when I was a teenager, but haven’t read anything apart from fantasy on that topic since decades…


Yeah, I also think the idea that technologically advancing civilizations have a high probability of destroying themselves kinda makes sense, even though this is a bit antropocentric when looking around this world… However, many other ideas, like advanced aliens simply having no interest in us since we are too primitive for contact or exploitation of any kind, seem kinda plausible to me, too…




Unfortunately, that’s about where it ends. He can’t talk about much beyond that, conveniently

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This channel is pretty awesome


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2 more days until the hearing. Who’s got the popcorn? :popcorn:


1 day until hearing…

My guess…public aint ready…to know if theres something to know.


Less than 12 hours!


Personally I’m more scared of getting nuked by Russia than these theoretical interdimensional aliens. But if this shit is real, that probably opens up the possibility of other phenomena, too!


Two things…

Im naming my daughter ellen ripley

And she will be the real life “fe male” to save earth from thanos and his army.


So scifi is real.


Plot twist: Nibiru was Earth all along

I actually recall scrolling through the black vault years ago and noticing all of the declassified documents detailing ‘interdimensional entities’, and it has always haunted me a little bit. I figured they were talking about ghosts, demons or some shit, not potentially what we all previously believed to be extraterrestrials.

Also, shit like the gateway process exists. Apparently a lot of us have forgotten that the CIA totally believes in things like the holographic universe theory (probably for very good reason) and lets so many things slip through the cracks all the time. It’s just easier for us to say, “Yeah, but then that was discredited as pseudoscience!” because some under-equipped person couldn’t find any evidence.

I think the biggest enemies of all are the schizophrenics (sorry) and hoaxers, because they just take their small granule of truth / leaks and run with them. I haven’t heard any of them talking about black boxes inside of spheres yet, but this is going to launch a whole new wave of retards thinking they’re having encounters.

If any of this is true, my dumbass guess is that these interdimensional beings possibly ripped open a portal somewhere, and maybe some of these crash-landings are just drunk teenagers being stupid as hell. It sounds fucking crazy to even consider this as a possibility, but it’s fascinating.


So when do we start star trekking…