Yo, nice to meet you all!


Hello everyone, I’m atomyiik! (Although I’m messing around with aliases :P) I’m getting into the internet electronic music scene, and I’ve found a nice little community here. I hoping to meet nice people, learn more about the scene, and get better as an artist. I hope to make good friends with everyone here!


Welcum, got any finished tracks up anywhere?


Good to hear from you. Introduce us to your sounds when ready :sunglasses:


Wasssssssssup :scream::scream::scream::sunglasses:


Yes! Here’s one I made recently. It’s a very simple/repetitive techno track that I’m planning on remastering. I’m planning on making other tracks that are simple but have nice bleepy/aquatic sound.



This sounds like some killer space shooter music. Now I’m curious about your workflow! :smiley:


My workflow is actually pretty minimal. I do my work on a computer (for the time being), so I use Jeskola Buzz for sequencing/synths/etc and Audacity for sampling and fixing up tracks.