Yay it’s back!


This place is back!
Looks a lot lot like another place tho.
NBD, yay it’s back!


Oh, how do I make it so the post order in a thread is newest first? Is that still a thing?


I don’t think it exists yet but it looks like the admins are working on it


It automatically sends me to the first unread post in a thread.

Yay, modern tech!!


Oh, yeah same here.
It is setup exactly like e…auts


You’re misquoting us.


Nice work guys.


Good opportunity to move away from vBulletin.

The Vue.js forum uses the same software by the looks of it.

Is it Node based?

Edit: scratch that, Discourse is Ruby based.

Also, you likely have noticed, but when replying, the box to the right with the friendly reminder to stick to the rules has an orange background color, making the orange text atop tricky to read.


Yea…we borrowed an idea from e-naughts ;p



** cool **