Wtf is that, is it even a genre?

Post the oddest stuff you’ve ever heard…

This isnt the good or bad music thread…

It’s the odd music thread…

I love the weirdos.

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Jesus Christ…

well that got 50 shades of grey pretty quick


also this david guetta piano

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Trevor Wishart: the man who created the Composers Desktop Project also does…this?!!

Mr Bingle is both weird and fucking awesome at the same

Thirstin Howl bragging about being broke in a genre primarily based around bragging about being rich, good shit!!

No idea what he’s on about but the song is a cracker

Literally anything by Otto van Schirach

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Been listening to Locket since October nonstop! Love this slow psychedelic indie <3 And Crystal Castles are always top shiz. My favourite is untrust us

I mean, I love it… and it’s clearly hip-hop, but…


Also., here’s DakhaBrakha. I saw these guys at WOMAD UK last year. This vid doesn’t really cover the breadth of musical styles they covered, but if I had to make an attempt, I might call their set “traditional Ukrainian folk/trance/hip hop”. Which is to say that I couldn’t hope to classify it, but it was frickin’ awesome: