Written lyrics and syllables next to the audio/MIDI tracks?


I suppose that there is no demand for this feature, and I only saw one video on the web when I made a search for adding written lyrics track. Is there any DAW that lets you do sticky notes instead, right next to the midi notes where I can write the syllables of my lyrics, so that I can read what I sing by looking at the playback?


If you don’t find something better, you can make an empty MIDI track with clips for syllables and name the clips accordingly… but depending on the zoom level it might not be that helpful I guess. Ableton offers a notes function which displays text you can add to clips in the info/help view in the bottom left corner.


You can add lyrics to musical notes in Reaper


I didn’t even know you could score / notate in reaper. Great suggestion!


There’s sticky note plugins meant specifically for this! For around 10$ or so. Otherwise just using midi clips is the best option :slight_smile: