Woaah this website got all new-agey

I’m kinda glad my old shitposts are gone. its Wulfsok. good times. hope you bastards have been decent

did you know Gary numan still makes music? its dope too. blew my mind


Hey look at this raggedy ass old timer : ) Welcome back man.

I have not heard the new Gary Numan but knew he was still hustling.

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my name is ruin on yt

so I’m confused was he inspired by Trent or the other way around

hope things have been well for you in fake Pittsburgh my guy <3

welcome back!
another old cunt crawling out of the covid infested cracks :smiley:


fake Pittsburgh is as good as ever lol

Think Trent bows down to Mr G…but them, who doesn’t…the guy’s a living legend. Saw him once across a crowded room…seemed like a really nice guy in the flesh.

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It’s pretty wholesome he includes his daughter. It’s nice to see multiple generations involved :slight_smile:

Yeah but we don’t get MC points anymore :sob: