Wishing everybody a sad World Goth Day!


Apparently it’s World Goth Day, for some reason.

Crank up Lucretia My Reflection and enjoy being sad, alone & quarantined!

DISCLAIMER: I love a lot of “Goth” music, including Sisters of Mercy. I just found it hilarious that there is a World Goth Day. It’s so utterly stupid it’s amazing.

If you’re not totally Goth, you should immediately fuck off ♫♪


Someone should make a calendar that gives you a holiday to celebrate every day. Someone probably has. Somebody has to have spreadsheet of these somewhere…




World Goth Day. Amazing.


Why is it that Goths in Europe used to look like something out of the Adams Family, while in the US they just look like UK 70s Punks with make Up on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


While we’re on the subject…