Wierd twist on hip hop

Scarlxrd idk it’s like the screamo metal version of hip hop…there are others in this gimmicky genre but scarlxrd to me stands out…

I think I’ve heard this dudes music before. Still not sure how I feel about it.

Despite that, he could have been a singer for a emo band in like the early / mid 2000’s for sure.

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seems like something still along the lines of ghostmane, city morgue, etc. in the 2nd vid has the guitar, this might be really lending itself to what you’re mentioning. if your familiar with the style it doesn’t sound too strange, cool tracks though, I think there’s a lot of rappers/groups these days trying to put the genres together in different ways

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If he would have a great drummer, a guitarist, a bass player and a singer, the band would not even be that bad.

Edit- what i probably wanted to say is he would be far better bussinesman or manager than musician

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At least hip hop is branching out into…metal…now?

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I listen to Scarlxrd. I’ve even went to one of his shows once and joined in the moshpit. I don’t know why he has so many Russian fans though.

At least hip hop is branching out into…metal…now?

What do you mean now?

The reason I started to listen to his music was to find something similar when XXXtentacion dropped the aggressive sound. Scarlxrd isn’t really the same though and doesn’t really fill that hole that he left. When X was shouting, it hyped you up where as Scarlxrd overuses loud vocals and it wears out fast becauz it’s just loud for the sake of being loud. Scarlxrd’s vocals are loud, but they are not aggressive, you cannot feel the fire inside him. While the beats he uses are okay, I enjoyed the beats on XXX’s music more as were much filthier to with its lo-fi style and audio clipping sounds which added to the aggression almost like a punk sort of fashion. Scarlxrd’s music is a bit too polished for me to really draw me in like X did. That is why I can only listen to small doses of Scarlxrds music. He’s a loud rapper with decent bars, but one thing that separates him from the rest is the strong influence of UK drill music which makes his music a bit more distinctive as there aren’t that many rappers with this mix of trap, metal and drill that I know of. It is his unique twist of drill that makes him different.

I love hip hop, but I can’t stand whatever this is. It definitely reminds me of the later days of screamo, when Holywood Undead and Breathe Carolina were mashing up EDM and what was being called ‘scenester’ music at the time.

Too many hybrid genres make my brain hurt. Nu metal was like the proto-hybrid that should’ve never happened and this reminds me a lot of that for some reason.

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I feel like I would like this if the beats were heavier. Anyways, I like the guitar riff in the last link.

Probably because they have a lot of similarities, sonically. I actually love a lot of “nu metal,” “rap-rock,” or “rap-core,” or whatever anyone feels like calling it, but I don’t care much for this either.

Just out of curiosity, do you like Rage Against the Machine? Because I find that people that love to criticize Nu-metal almost always have a double-standard when it comes to that band.

that second track is like that band with the singer that died when everybody had lost interest in them. I can’t even remember their name.

get real

calling RATM nu metal is anachronical. Also, their political lyrics and activism reach far beyond the insecure white teenagers that nu metal was targeting.

I’ll look up “anachronical” later.
I’m not entirely sure why you’ve brought race up, but I take it you’re a fan of Rage Against the Machine, despite all the sonic similarities to “Nu Metal”? And this is because the lead vocalist talks about politics?

is it “anachronic” ? meh. I don’t really care to debate ratm, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, I just don’t think it’s a good example. You’re obviously a linkin park fan so I’m sorry if I offended you when I said nobody cared he died. See what I’m doing? Not an interesting way to hold a conversation.

Lol it’s called trap metal…at least that’s what youtubers classify it as.

Trap metal = brostep.


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Edit: Will delete when I am able to.

I just found this guy and it reminded me of this old topic.

I thought it was kind of similar, so I figured it would fit here in this “weird twist on hip hop.”

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I don’t like trap metal anymore…lol.

His rapping is good just the screaming is annoying now…lol