Why The Tuss - "Rushup Edge" sounds like made on Fl Studio?


Why The Tuss - “Rushup Edge” sounds like made on Fl Studio?

i hear SimSynth and Fruity Love Philter


Could you be more specific? Like, which parts exactly?

It’s not that crazy for some synths to sound like other synths sometimes, is it?


Maybe he just has the plugins independently.

They do come as seperate vsts. I think



No mention of FL Studio, but that doesn’t mean all that much. RDJ’s equipboard is all over the place regarding hardware AND software. I do know that around the time of Rushup Edge (mid 00s), there was a common complaint of a “sameness” with the sound of most VSTs. It could have been anything really, and RDJ hasn’t said all that much about his work as The Tuss. Seems like it took a while before he even admitted to being The Tuss. He only mentions using hardware on the last two tracks of Rushup Edge, so it’s fair to assume the rest was made “in the box”.