Why limiter makes stuff quiter?

OMG! I read across the internet everywhere people says that limiter makes things ACTUALLY LOUDER but when i drop that limiter on Master Bus it makes stuff quiter??? WTF plz explain me whats going on

A limiter is basically a compressor with extreme settings. Just like on a normal compressor, if you don’t use “makeup gain” (automatic volume compensation), the volume of the signal will always become lower when the limiter is active. You can insert a volume/gain control after the limiter - to turn the compressed signal up if needed.


Maybe then I will be better to use Clipper because I do not want to influence the dynamics, why do I need this compressor. I need the same sound, that is, I found that such a plug-in clipper just fits.

What do you think about the clipper?

Or is it better to lower the volume on all channels and on the master raise the limiter? Right? Better than cutting with a clipper?

In short, I have such a picture on the goniometer and it’s all because of the 32 64 bit daw mixing that the channels do not clipping and I don’t know what to do or cut the sound with a clipper or do it quieter and raise it or with a limiter or how to be

You’re just clipping like crazy by the looks of it. Mix quieter, put a limiter on to catch peaks (or just agian, mix way quieter) and just turn your speakers up louder if need be for starters. Clippers can be a great tool especially for drums, but I think you’re just mixing too hot and probably frying your ears in the process. If a 0db limiter is making shit quieter, you were probably clipping out the wazoo as it is

Also that video had no sound from what I could tell

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