Why i don't like the Cheetah EP


It’s really inconsistent and seems to be conflicting itself. The only songs i mildly enjoyed were both cirklon tracks, but other than thats it’s just… bad. “You don’t get it! Its actually really complex and deep and it’s supposed to be appreciated” is an argument i hear a lot on social medias, which im not TRYING to invalidate but i can’t get past it. Why aren’t I allowed to dislike something someone made??? Just because it sounds good to one does not mean it needs to sound good to me. Me personally, i enjoy the more aggressive tracks by AFX (Come To Daddy, Cock/Ver10, St Michels Mt, 73-Yips, Falling Free [Aphex Twin Remix], etc…) so i can’t understand the more groovy tracks. Though I do enjoy SAW 85-92 & Vol. II.

Sorry if i’m being stupid btw. I just don’t understand the Cheetah EP


Tbh im not a die hard fan of some aphex tracks myself…the caustic window and the tuss acid stuff sounds like it is just doodles…

I did like syro though…

But yeah i may have listened to the cheetah ep myself…but nowadays i forgot what it sounded like…

Art is subjective in terms of what you like…
There is no objectivity in liking stuff…

But there is objectivity in a technical sense being that aphex has broke ground…i think some fans are die hard aphex fans because of his technicality objectively speaking.

That being said…boygirl song is aphexs best track in my opinion both from a technical standpoint and in terms of just liking it.

Also didgeridoo is good too.

Also keep in mind he did most of his music before the advent of complex daws and 80 billion presets…

So with me aphex is to be respected but not every song he makes is gold.


I think, in this case, it’s their problem and not yours. A lot of people feel the need to validate the things they like. I can’t tell you how many house songs I’ve listened to on youtube and scrolled through the comments and at least one person says “best house banger ever” or something to that effect. If I were to go in and explain what I didn’t like about the song and how I think it could be improved, I guarantee you 9 times out of 10, those people would come back and explain to me that they like because of all the things I didn’t like, or I have bad taste in music, etc. People don’t like hearing that stuff they like is bad, so when they hear someone doesn’t like a thing they like the first reflex is to get defensive. It’s a common thing not just in music, but in life.

Tell someone you don’t like a movie they like, or a book, or a person, almost always their relfex reaction is going to be the same, and it’s to get defensive. So if you want to have a constructive conversation about these albums (with people who don’t know about this cognitive bias and try to account for it in their reactions), you have to phrase your criticisms more positively. For example, instead of saying “I don’t like the melodies on this album” you could say “I wish the melodies on this album were more like the ones on SAW 85-92”. Seriously, you’d be amazed how far that will get you.


I can’t remember what the Cheetah EP sounded like, I did listen to it, if I’d of liked it I’d still be listening to it now so it obviously didn’t do anything for me at the time.

However the Cheetah MS800 did stroke my attention because of this EP and it’s a synth on my to buy list when one crops up for sale, simply because it made me read up about the synth and the type of synthesis it uses and it’s a sound I want, the hype behind the EP billed the Cheetah MS800 as one of the hardest synths to program ever. The MS800 synthesis is in fact very easy to understand it’s just the synths interface that’s difficult the old “program through a letter box” chestnut, however I’m sure Richard programmed his using a software editor, pretty sure he didn’t program it via the synths two buttons and two digit display, therefore the whole EP was sold on a misconception.

I really like Syro album, the micro editing in some of the tracks were mind blowing and certainly inspiring.

If I was listening to Aphex twin at home I’m more into his old mellow or melodic tracks, Tha, Xtal, lichen, On, Alberto balsalm, Analogue bubblebath 1, Windowlicker etc, and because of these tracks I’m a fan.


That is what I’m trying to say. Sorry if i formated it weirdly.


Thank you. Yea sorry i do not have a lot of interaction with real humans (I make hnw and breakcore, some IDM too so no wonder).


I’m more into his aggressive stuff, to be honest.


I like aggressive too I just levitate more towards mellow stuff.


Ah okay.