Why hiding all member releases?


Hey guys,

I have been wondering for a long time why the member releases and listening booth are hidden from visitors who are not logged in.
Imho that serves no purpose but has extremely negative effects for members as well as for the site itself:

  1. release visibility. member releases can only get found by people who made an account and are logged in. even when people made an account on the site but are not logged in, they don’t see any releases. this reduces visibility for all releases of all members.
  2. evidence for site activity and reduction of circle-jerk aspects. potential users come here and see only a part of the activity in general since a lot is happening related to releases and WIPs. hiding all that activity from potential new members does make it look much slower and private than it is.
  3. I guess it also affects visibility in search engines?

Just a thought. Well, make that a recurring thought.



Thanks for pointing this out - i wish admin/mod changes it.


Maybe it’ll prevent idmf from becoming a 404 page not found.

Will spam increase ok…Maybe…
But trade off is increased traffic and Maybe a turnaround for the forum.


Yeah I think it’s a good idea.

Lots and lots of keywords related to mixing and production in general in all the feedback, which are things people are most likely to arrive at this forum at.

Also, the apparent activity to potential users is really important. There’s a lot of research on the social influence of statistics and numbers to back this up.

I think that there would be more spam is a null-point, and should not counter into a decision, since it would happen anyway if more users just happened to find the forum and posted more stuff.


Heard. I’ll take it to the backroom. I don’t know why we set it up that way in the first place. Perhaps a default setting.


So, did I fix it?


Yes, thank you! Member Releases section is visible for me now when not logged in! LB is still hidden, but that makes more sense I guess - I personally often deleted the WIPs I posted there after a while. Thanks again! :smiley:


Cool. Not that it matters what we have always done but I don’t think the LB has ever been visible to non members


Always thought it didn’t make much sense to have LB private if the staff isn’t acting as A&R shaping up w.i.p.'s they want to release.

It’s hard enough to get the community involved in responding to a w.i.p. let alone the staff, so to cut off the possible random person visiting always seemed a bit out of place.

Glad to know that you lot have reconsidered this.