Why EQs doesn't have EQ Areas

For example i talking about Melda Equalizer.
It is so awesome having overlay with frequencies built into your EQ

Any tips or i just better print chart sheet frequencies and have It’s got to be readily accessible at all Times


because it’s too formulaic and that’s never a good thing.

True, but if I’d had something like that I probably could have shaved 6 months off of getting to the skill level I’m at now. At least not a terrible idea for a learning tool compared to some of the advice out there.

Also i printed eq cheat sheets then i manually added eq areas in melda equalizer. I did it a week ago. I feel much more confident in frequencies. It will be necessary to check in practice.

In short, I will open the melda equalizer. Then I will open ReaEQ. I will look at the frequencies in melda equalizer, and I will equalize in ReaEQ, it’s just easier for me when all the frequencies are on the screen, and not on the a4 sheet.

That’s a pretty good workflow idea. I just got around to setting my EQ bands that I usually use in Neutron as a default template a few months ago, and it really saves time not having to move them around so much every time.

There are free EQs out there that also show the frequencies on the EQ so that you can see them as you work on them without having to use two plugins.

Another thing you might like (and this is a love it or hate it thing so you might think it’s super dumb) is to try out a fixed band EQ. Usually, they’re modeled off of vintage EQ units, but there are some like Slick EQ by TDR that are not based on anything. They come preset with fixed frequency bands that you can only boost or cut and you can’t see the exact shape they use for the EQ curve. It sounds terrible I know, but it turns out that some of these plugin designers know a thing or two about sound and they often end up sounding really good.

The updated “flat response version” of Ableton’s native “EQ three” plugin is often overlooked. It’s very good!

I think the new version was introduced with Live 9.