Why bitcrushing is awesome

Bitcrushing, downgrading the quality of the sound especially when you bring out the higher harmonics…mixing the dry with the processed for extra umph…also with resampling…

It opens up possibilities…not only for sound design.

But also it may just free up room in the mix…


What VSTs do you use?

I’ve only ever really used the D16 bit crusher but I can’t get the new version to work in my DAW anymore. Maybe just time for a new one.

Edit: also, I was so stoked the Digitakt sampler came with its own bit reduction FX–its a one knob FX but still serviceable!

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I love the crusher and ease of use of the effects on the digitakt in general. :wink:

Do you have one these days? My memory is fucked so lol

Decimort? I fucking love that thing

I’ve always loved bitcrushers; lately I’ve been using a lot of Unfiltered Audio’s Dent Crusher but I also like their regular VST versions outside of that. Something about DC’s specific algorithms just works awesome every time, and they even have a faux circuit-bent crusher type of thing on it similar to the version on regular Dent.

Even regular downsampling can be a nice effect / unintentional shaper, even if they’re technically the same thing

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Sweet. I love Unfiltered Audio’s Sandman Delay…sounds like a solid bet. I’ll check it out. Thank you : )

Tal bitcrusher.

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Of course! Good old TAL Audio :slight_smile:

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I have installed LADSPA plugins as VSTS, and there are a ton of plugins of this type . Or maybe not a ton but there is one “Decimator” for sure

I still have mine, yea.

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The Akai Force has built-in the Air Plug-in lo-fi. It’s really really good, from adding a bit of highs to totally destroying shit up.
And it’s got envelope and Lfo.
And if you’re fancy you can use the envelope follower to control various parameters…

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