Who's hotter?

Who’s hotter…a hot pocket, an easy bake oven, or Arizona in the summer?

Idk a hot pocket cooked via easy bake oven…you have to slow cook otherwise you wind up eating this thing that’s half cold half hot…it’s annoying af cause you burn your mouth…but also you eat this semi lukewarm mush that makes you feel like your a trash panda sifting through garbage in Arizona snacking on a half thawed frozen burrito.

Bring the heat…

Canada in June, these days


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Oddly enough, Texas hasn’t been quite as hot in the last week or so due to rain which is kind of weird to have a wet June (our wettest month is May iirc). It’s still close to 90F but we’re used to that, it’s been like that forever here during summer. There was one year recently where we had 100 plus consecutive days of temps of 100F or above. I think the main issue with the northwest having the extreme heat wave deaths is that most people dont have air conditioning in that region since it’s usually not needed. Its the reverse of our deep freeze here in Texas last Feb, people weren’t prepared for it at all.

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Yea, I’d have to say overall except for like 2-3 days its been pretty regular to mild. Somehow at one point we jumped from 90 one day to a little under 70 the next?! When We had like one day where it was 96 F and while that is more like a mid July temp it isn’t unheard of.

But we can be A/C whores since we live in a tiny house (doesn’t seem to take much to cool it down except on the hottest days). Also, we’ve got blender drinks fixings a plenty left over from vacation!

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When everyone sweats at the rave…
And everyone has b.o.
But they still keep the rave going.

Last week was hawt
This week not so much.

Depends…drinking plenty of aqua by the way

Come on barbie let’s go party.