Who Are Your Favorite Weirdos?


Hey do any of ya’ll love any weird creators who you wish would get more attention? If you do, could you post some of your personal favorites? Here are a few of mine:

Capitol K:


Dim Out:


Alright, I got one. This guy Raoul Sinier (formerly RA) used to be plastered all over electronic music piracy sites like 15 years ago, and seemed like an important part of the glitch-hop ‘movement’ or whatever you’d want to call it, or maybe even just a few small circles within it. Well, he keeps releasing albums (although some of his newer stuff isn’t really my cup of tea), probably has less than 200 average listeners on Spotify these days and generally gets paid no attention whatsoever, despite (IIRC) being affiliated with some important underground labels at the time (in his ‘prime’).

When someone like this can’t really muster up a fanbase, it makes me want to stop making music. He’s just another artist who seemingly fell through the cracks because his taste and creations just kind of clashed with the hive mind. But I swear, some of his earlier albums were brilliant. Looks like they’re free on Bandcamp, too, and I’d definitely recommend giving him a listen. Wx and Brain Kitchen are masterpieces to me.

Oh yeah, and his artwork is somehow brilliant as well. What a talented person, all around.


I’ll definitely check out Raoul Sinier’s earlier work on Bandcamp. It’s important to find inspiration in the music itself rather than the external validation.


I appreciate the suggestions. Here’s another one of my favorites who I wish would get more attention: