Who are your fav unknown artists?

I’d love to support any up and coming musicians that are trying to build their fan base.

who are your fav unknown artists?


I mostly listen to classic rock, jazz, folk, and classical when I’m not doing label stuff, so I’d have to say some of our current active artists. A couple of my favorite EPs from the last year from Metaside and Vlantis (and Vlantis has some cool WIPs floating around right now)

I’ve also been really impressed by Creepr the past few things that have come from him, especially his track on the recent house album:

They’re all unknown, really. If you have to go on the internet to find out who the fuck cares about them, it’s pretty safe to say nobody really does.

That’s about my favorites, not the IDMF netlabel. Bad follow up post there on my part!

Tollund Men



Swarm Intelligence, which is also one of the biggest influences on my music.