Which DAWs can do Copy & Paste audio/midi to new file?


I recently watched a video that you can highlight audio/midi, copy, and paste it into a blank file on Bitwig; and I’m talking about – including the already applied effects on the audio/midi… Which other DAWs can do it? I am coming from a graphic designer perspective where you can just highlight elements, copy, then paste them on a blank file. Thank you.


Are you talking about just duplicating the track? :confused:

If so, every daw lets you do that. It keeps the audio / MIDI / automation where you had it, plus bus FX


Just copying a section of a track, and pasting it in a new project. The guy I was watching on YouTube explained that he couldn’t do that in Live, but he could do it in Bitwig. I was looking to find out, what other DAWs can do it.


Oh, like copying time on the timeline and pasting said time into a new project entirely? IIRC both Bitwig and Ableton do this (they have dedicated sections for editing parts of the arrangement view), but I’d have to actually verify that the cut / copy lasts over separate project instances on that one.

Bitwig would make the most sense for this one since it has tab support, so it may technically only exist there, but there are workarounds. Ableton’s clip format (whatever it’s called) will save all of the data associated with a specific MIDI clip (or set of, IIRC) which has similar functionality.

Of course, there are pretty easy workarounds though if you don’t mind trimming and cutting shit. A lot of us just freeze and flatten (aka bounce in place) because working with audio for resampling purposes has a wealth of benefits. But if you look hard enough, you can find specific workflow hacks that work for you, for sure.

Even duplicating the project file and just playing sculptor is an easy workaround in DAWs without said functionality, but knowing what the end goal is can sometimes help in situations like this.