Where can I find a place to talk about hip hop music with hip hop listeners?

I’m looking for a place I can hang out online where I can hear about the newest shit in the indie scene


Could try that


Fuck Reddit

I don’t know why I did, but I signed up there a few weeks ago and the place looked like it was overrun by spam.

@OuterSpace you might want to try Discord groups, Disboard has a lot of stuff listed and there’s plenty of hip hop producers / listeners’ groups. Also I think a lot of forums are migrating over to Discord, which might explain some of their recent inactivity. Reddit is still active of course, though

ah cool.

I used to frequent the forum years ago but haven’t really used it since tbh

That’s a shame. I don’t like Discord so it’s sad to see forums die because of it.

Yea. With Discord it feels like yet another thing flinging notifications at me or like I have to be around all the time to get anything out of it.

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