Where can I find 80's sounds / presets etc?

Trying to find a good resource for 80’s sounds, synth patches or samples or what have you, I find them inspiring to work with.

Any suggestions appreciated, cheers!

I would just recommend searching synthwave presets and samples. I always find cool stuff using that.

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You can also get (for free in some cases) the samples used on romplers, though those might be more 90s not sure on the timeline of when they were available. Additionally most FM synth VSTs worth their salt will load DX7 (and other Yamaha FM synth) presets and such, which is very 80s.

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Dexed is free



Also free - this one until March 31st. Coming from IK Multimedia. The survey is really short.

Click the pic for better resolution:


A lot of the 80’s stuff was made with the presets that were on the synths, so these should come in handy:
@pippy900 completely forgot about this; Every Synth and it’s presets including, ROM cards. Listen your heart out dude. Open the synth you want in a new tab, and you’ll find most if mot all the presets for it: https://synthmania.com/gear-timeline/
Also Famous synth sounds: https://synthmania.com/famous-sounds/

Unfortunately the site has changed, so there’s not as much stuff now. There used to be shit loads, like all the Roland JV expansion cards, but there not there now, but still a lot of stuff to listen to.

O.K. You can still find the old stuff: google the synth name followed by presets; scroll down and look for syntthmania, and you’ll be able to go to the old pages like these:





Those Legowelt packs are amazing. I have the entire Juno 106 and the Moog one on my Digitakt.


You guys are awesome thanks so much for all the suggestions, will devour all of these starting today !

If you have a good sampler VST or hardware sampler those Legowelt samples are the tits (pardon my casual misogyny). They might sound cheesy at first listen but if you load them up with some filter, reso, and filter envelop and some other subtle FX they sound damn good. I find myself making sounds that sound kinda retro but not completely when I us them on my Digitakt, and I’ve not even been getting crazy with resampling.

All the other suggestions are great as well. I just happen to be in love with those packs at the moment lol

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This looks amazing and as it can load DX7 .syx files I must ask is there a good way to find 80s type patches for it?

Thanks do you know if there are any 80s type presets in this one?

find the original patches from the DX7, They are all over 80’s music as programming the original DX7 was P.I.T.A, so everyone just used the presets.

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They have some pretty decent 80’s vibes libraries

Ni Super8
Very famous 80’s synth emulation

Modular Icons
This 1 is a sample library of some iconic synth, pretty decent … BOC-ish sounding library

Moog Tribute
For those using Omnisphere, this synth patches is an absolute killer

Martyn Ware Rare Synths Collection
Martyn Ware has captured some really unique synth sounds

Kraftwerk tribute Synth patches
These patches for U-He Synth Diva have a Kraftwerk like sound

JS80 TRX emulation
Sonic Charge - Permut8 Effect plugin has been transformed into a Comodore like Synth plugin

8Bit Synth
UVI great 8bit synth

Synth Anthology 3
An insane amount of some iconic synths, captured in a huge sound library

Program 24
1 of the best 80’s tribute sound library, fun fun fun, not always very useful but very inspiring

Propellerhead new synth - FM synth - " We’ve come a long way since the 80s! " as they say

Hardware synth straight undusted from the 80’s
Straight from the 80’s

Ableton Synthwave
Ableton live tribute to the 80’s, a sound bank made of some really cool sound

Video & Sound Archive
An endless amount of really unique samples, videos & sound archive

My contribution to the 80’s :joy:

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Thanks unfortunately as a Reason user I can’t use VST3 as is the typical nature of Reason being behind in pretty much everything, but people do love it for a reason :wink:

Awesome resource many thanks for sharing!!

Really cool thanks, I have a compatibnility issue with VST3 (Dexed) so might have to come back to this thread later.

Thanks for all the replies this has become a bit of a resource for 80s sounds, good community spirit here.

Sorry if I missed anyone’s replies it wasn’t intentional I just wanted to wait until I was ready to check these things out.

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An other 80’s vibes library …
Super 7

Not always usable but inspiring.

You can find 80’s song on soundCloud. Here you can get huge song library.