What topics would you like to learn? but there's hardly any content


Hello everyone,

I thinking of doing another helper document like the resampling ones i’ve done.

What do you need to learn?


I’ll throw a few out just for shits and giggles, even though it’s all searchable these days, because I’d definitely love to see some personal guides on here from people who are working with stuff directly:

  • DIY granulating from scratch
  • General DSP algos for newbs
  • Audio-reactive visuals
  • Pure Data / Max tips & tricks
  • JSFX scripting
  • Introduction to Cmajor

I’d also be into contributing guides on modular, sound design, graphics coding, livecoding and things like that. Mark my words, after Reddit crumbles I think we’re going to see a lot of people coming back to the forums, so let’s prepare :star_struck:


Theres to many how to bass…tutorials

I wanna see more tuts on how to compose both complex and organic rhythyms in daws or using hardware…



Slime, those are some excellent topics, I would also love info on. I only use max/msp to do certain things in my productions. Not an expert in that field for sure though.

BFK - I’m diving into hardware atm and I don’t like the limitations the lfo/envelopes have on hareware compare in the box. I really want to play on the Push 3 and pair it via ADAT with an interface to have a hybrid setup


This is a really good idea. I’d be down for creating this one, even if it takes some time :space_invader: