What style of music is this?

I made this track some while ago and I’m wondering if anyone is familiar with this style of music? I’m trying to find similar tracks to compare it to but I’m not even sure what genre of music this is.

Maybe Synthpop, Synthwave or Retrowave or something along those lines?

Some of the synths are very loud imho, but I like some of the synthlines and developments and transitions! Has a classical 90ies gaming feel to it in a good way!

Definitely synthwave IMO.

Thanks for the feedback! I started listening to some retro synthwave mixes on youtube. Although I do see the similarity I can’t really find a track that I can compare mine to since I’m not all that familiar with the genre.

I think that’s really the beauty of music, especially in modern times. You don’t have to be bound by genre. I hear some synthwave elements, sure, but I also hear some jungle influence in the drums (breakbeat style) as well as that snare roll around 3:50 which reminds me of a plethora of early 2000’s dance music (I’m thinking like trance and house). Even a little bit of techno in some of your lead synths. As long as you’re making the music you like and want to make, that’s all that matters. You can blend any type of genre you like to create something unique. (I didn’t realize that this post was so old until just now, but I’m going to post my reply anyway because I think it is still valid.) .

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it’s 90% of music