What is your theory of everything


Whats your theory of everything…

Use your imagination your ideas could lead to scientific progress…:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s in my Signature

Reality is one thing… Perception is everything :sunglasses:


Our consciousness is not in our bodies but somewhere far away. Our bodies only act as receivers. The source of the consciousness is the source of everything that lives. This is where we really are.

Time isn’t real. What we call past and future are happening simultaneously. Mortals like us can only experience it linearly, but the mystical powerful being we’re linked to doesn’t.

The material world is an unfree world of suffering. The immaterial world is for higher beings.


Come from something, remember nothing, become something, die from something.
Why do humans have to make it all so fucking com-plex :slight_smile:


Because we don’t understand why we exist and that is frightening!
So we make up our stories about ourselves and pretend it’s not made up.


We are the self aware universe, experiencing itself.


I literally had the same thought…