What is your muse?


What inspires you in creative endeavors?


These days I’m focused more on the business/organization side of my music, but if I can sit down to work it will be a basic technical idea.

Like, I have a WIP called “Chordhats” where I wanted to see what would happen if I put my chord stabs off beat where the open hihat usually goes in house music.

Or, in another case, I have a song where I wanted to see what would happen if I had 3 bars of chords loop over everything else built on 4 bar patterns. Sometimes that stuff doesn’t go anywhere, and sometimes it does.


As I usually don’t have much time, I tend to accumulate concrete ideas to the point where i can’t stand it anymore and have to scape from responsibilities to create something. That pressure is maybe the nearest I’ve been to inspiration.


I don’t believe in the classic, big R Romantic idea of inspiration. I don’t always follow my own advice but one needs to be actively working on new ideas, working on exercises, reading/listen, taking notes. Sitting around waiting for things to happen is the best way to insure nothing happens.


There’s no such thing as the muse, inspiration and creativity are a habit you need to cultivate. I now manage to get something going quickly as I know my tools and my workflow, I know where my samples are, if I’m just playing with a synth, I have the sampler on my groovebox ready to record and save for later when needed.


Bitches & money of course


I’m inspired by ted talks and instagram influencers