What is ur muse?


What inspires you to create art…

Me: life itself or making an idea into reality.


I wish I knew, honestly. But I have absolutely no idea.

This has always been a bit puzzling to me, as I tend to obsess over making new things quite a lot and learn more about the process involved each time (through both experimentation and other means, depending on what’s available in the aether), and I still can’t explain it. I guess some people are just warped enough to keep going even when there’s not really a whole lot of reward aside from making the thing itself. When I look over my output over the past 10 years, it freaks me out that I just never stopped even though I felt like I quit a million times.

I also wanted to say that this is an interesting topic! Threads like these are a lot of fun imo


Mostly I get bored and one can only play so many videogames in a day and still consider it healthy.


I enjoy the culture and history of the music–I fully realize it is late night drug party music in many regards, but there is more to it than that. I like to make music that’ll make people move.


My idea of a late night drug party…is making music whilst tripping balls.



Also i forgot my muse is also to basically to induce a pleasurable mental stimuli to the listener via audio…which would be similar to having a good trip.

But realistically im not sure whether ive achieved this so whatever.


bubble wrap. It just…calls to me. I can smell it’s chemicals and I’m blinded with science


Experimenting with new ideas/tools and general curiosity for me. Sometimes I’d listen to a song or watch a movie and think about what things could’ve been different and ideas just start to flow.

This is the most reason.