What is The next big thing?

2010 it was edm and that was all the craze…before that it was experimental stuff and before that there was drum and bass and techno…
So now what is next…
Any labels/artists releasing cutting edge stuff or has the magic faded…

Or maybe I’m just out of touch.

This guy is kinda a tool, BUT he is actually pretty smart. If he says DNB, I wouldn’t write him off completely. I want it to be more ambient, laid back stuff, but that just won’t sell concert tickets, like ever. So DNB because lasers at 170 bpm will be nucking futs.

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EDM is now a genre? I thought it was the overarching name created by Americans (besides misusing the word “techno”) referring to any electronic music…

Hopefully nothing. In fact, since I’m technically old now I can talk about how I felt when I was young.

When I was young, ‘new’ genres like dubstep seemed really exciting and made everything else seem bland… for about 5 minutes. They were the coolest 5 minutes in the world! How exciting, it was like a new flavor of goodness was added to my palette. I didn’t even know such sounds existed in the first place, either. Once I got tired of it (this might’ve taken a few weeks) and it started sounding like ‘regular music’ again however, the rush was gone. Then everything almost sounded like shit.

I was chasing a weird high, if you can gather that much.

Anyway, since becoming an old guy (check out my new beard, it’s so thick) I’ve since realized that Skrillex and Dragonforce (those are real-life examples BTW) actually sound like garbage compared to their peers (save for a song or two, of course) and just kind of become weird novelties anyway.

So honestly, I hope youngsters without mustaches, cool beards and chronic constipation gravitate more toward things that they can cherish over the long haul rather than something they’ll grow sick of in 5 minutes only to look back upon as a novelty act. Novelties are essential, but real music is so much more satisfying.


Not sure but I think more producer song writers exist now more than ever…i.e. travis scott…and Billie eilish…come to mind…but as far as more experimental stuff goes I guess nowadays even though it’s easier to cultivate your niche as an artist its simultaneously more difficult …

I don’t even know what’s the current big thing right now. Trap, maybe? Made by dudes who call everything in low frequency spectrum an 808.

I’ve noticed there trends of revival genres too, kind of retro stuff with a modern production twist. For example synthwave that resembles 80s music. At first it was interesting, but yeah, it got lame quick because of its narrow nature and felt like people just started bandwagoning this entire idea then rode it to hell with uncreativity and purple/pink aestethics. @xSANTAxDURSTx mentioned dubstep and youtube tutorials of “how to make WOOBLY bass in 5 minutes” kind of did that too. In general, when you see internet ads of sample packs for that one specific genre you know it’s done.

Before that it was vaporwave… Not sure how it’s doing today. Honestly? These genres that go big for a couple of years are impactful mostly for vst/music production market but why should we care what’s trending or not? It’s like getting a new iphone every year because it’s the newest and latest tech and all the suddenly it’s a must thing to have, right? Be more individual, pick things you like in music and ignore these goddamn trends or just get ideas you like from them and do it in your own way.


Don’t all artist’s do that? I mean… if you don’t do that you are not an artist… right?

Trends are just another form of gossip… just sayin" :sunglasses:

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Beards and 90s Techno/DnB will still be in style 200 years from now.

@_ms Not to mention that 90% of the “new retro synthwave” overkills side-chaining sweeps and beats to the point it doesn’t sound retro or futuristic.

As for the next big thing? I feel that with Behringer making available to the masses with clones of some of the most staple and iconic analog synths, I think 2020 will be a year that many artists go back to the future. With that said…We (you!) are the next big thing!

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This certainly seems to be the next evolutionary step for eurorack