What is Difference between mp3 and audio in music video


Its the same audio but different balance of the tracks ? … And maybe less reverb ?

I do not know if I have created such a topic here. This question already got me.

I mean the same track by the same artist but here is we have mp3 album and music videos.


For most music videos I’ve seen, they just use the track in question with maybe some audio added here and there to tell a story in the music video - like tape identifier noise in an old album take or maybe a class scene if the video takes place at a school or something. Or maybe police sirens if you’re some bad-ass gangster tearing up the streets. But the song usually isn’t edited or modified once it gets going - maybe some foley is added during a breakdown or something, but that is going pretty far for most music videos.


Yes, storyline. I’ve seen that. I just waked up .


I found an example . Check it . And please don’t tell me it’s the same.
video sound:

audio mp3 sound:

You better tell whats the difference between mp3 audio in music video :smiley:


1.video sound

  1. mp3 audio sound

Is it just the same song but just processed with reverb eq etc ??? What do you think?


I think you’re just hearing the audio compression algo in action. It seems like some might be lower quality than others, or potentially lower-quality uploads?

I admit that I didn’t listen long but I couldn’t hear much of a difference at all


Also i think it is completely different mix .I know it for sure. I just remember my early experiments with sound and it is different songs for sure.


Not sure what’s happening in the videos you linked to, but MP3s might be a different master (and louder initially, but less so after youtube interference) since streaming sites are pushing volume up or down based on how loud it is with specific LUFS targets or similar, so for a streaming site that pushes your audio down to -14 LUFS you can make a different master that is already at -14 LUFS (if you release DNB on something like Hospital Records the MP3 master still might go up to -5 or -4 LUFS), see this thread for more on that topic. This might also affect the Youtube processing.