What Did You Learn Today (The Studio Edition)

I learned that on MS-20 you can patch the Envelope Generator (EG1) into its own Trigger In, which turns it into a loopable envelope/LFO. Attack controls the ramp up time, Release controls the ramp down, and Delay controls how long it stays at the top. So then you can patch the Rev Out into whatever and go to town. Way cool!

I learned in Cakewalk that you can Delete Special and select only automation to remove orphaned automation lanes.

I learned how to fake a second filter (without giving up your effect slot) on the Prophet Rev2. Take the triangle wave and modulate the waveshape. You even have a third envelope laying around you can send to modulate it. Because the triangle starts with few harmonics and it modulates to a more wave-folded shape, it sounds like opening a flat filter. You can’t fake resonance, but you’ve just freed up your main LPF and the resonant HPF in the effects slot so you can now make both of those resonant in whatever manner you want and still have a normalish enveloped filter sound behind it all.

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I learned how Vaetxh made tracks like recursion tree…its just basically a neuro funk bassline resampled with a granular synth with parameters modulated, and then the granular bass and the original bass being resampled with a beat slicer that can loop a sample and sequence it a high bpm… and lastly also slightly automating stereo wideners but then Eqing it and compressing it and combining the dry wet signals