What are your Experiences with utilizing data bending in music

Yea I have harmor and have tried doing that audacity thing where I import raw data to produce audio and resampled said audio ages ago…

So anyone ever f with hexadecimal…I remember that to data bend jpgs you need a hexadecimal editor or sonething?

Combining data bending and all those other things we do to fsu when resampling…

Computers am I right…

Is this like corrupting data on purpose for resampling? That sounds too random for my taste but now I want to go down that YT rabbit hole

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Essentially yea…ghyt/oly and broton42 knew about that stuff

edit: i was wrong and right
don’t need a hex editor essentially according to this article you could also use a text editor

and auuuudaaaaaaacccitttyy

also me thinks this an uber music hax as oppposed to downloading 80 billion different vsts

my databending an image attempt


i just cut and paste random ascii code in different places also had to do a screen capture because the image wouldn’t upload onto the net so…yea

i could photoshop this and play with it in harmor and audacity

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