What are you listening to?


(yet again)

(Er, again lol)

Fuggit, yeh this:

Doing synth music right, no f’s given where it comes from.


The first 2 “singles” are really good.

RIP Jeremy, wish you had more time with us.







NICE song dont mind lyrics


I’m a sucker for the wurlitzer sound, this vaguely reminds me of Breakfast in America (one of my favorite albums) so I’m very into this song right now.


The soundtrack to a David Lynch movie that never was.

From Chris Peterson & friends (fLA, Decree, Noise Unit, OHM, etc, etc.). Fantastic.



Interviewer: so, how many genres can you fit in one song?
Daed: yes

Good stuff, slightly manic schizophrenic


Just cillin out to stuff that I used to listen to about 13 years ago, while thrashing round Bangkok on my GT Rukus UF.
The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

DJ Champion - No Heaven

Magic wands - Black Magic

Ian Brown - Kiss Ya Lips {No I.D}

Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section


Old buddy sent me this today. Very clean techno.


Oh my, just found this…




Zero Zero - AM Gold
this album is pretty cool. Pep Sounds and AM Gold are my favorites on it. Also I can’t put links in my posts otherwise I would link it


Very psychadelic.


also haroumi hosono has a random side project that i didn’t know about and it sounds really cool
the vocals kind of sound like they are partially coming from a traffic cone and thats super cool

search “Sketch Show - TURN TURN”


on this upload youtube messed up the tracklisting (its correct in description)
i think the last one is a bonus track


I try to figure out how functionality works in this forum and want try to post a YT Link

I like hear this song just from time to time since 20 years (or so) and so. today again. it is from my favorite electronically music producer Ernst Horn.