What are you listening to?


@ Roo_Stercogburn

CBL - Derelicts and hammock - mysterium were my two favorite albums from 2017.

Bought strange cargo III when it was released in 93, me and my friends hammered it.



…which has reminded me I need to watch Edge of Tomorrow again :slight_smile:



Love me some Foos.




many people will say this guy has the pulse of society in its veins via the lyrics but the music is just good af. It copies so many established tropes in music but it does that so well.




Very pleasant downtempo of sorts from Russia


Nice, there’s some great Russian electronic artists outhere



Man, I’m loving Woulg so far.

The names rings a bell, I think someone told me about them ages, but I never checked them out.

Added a bunch to my playlists already.



Lol wut…srsly? I is done.



I’ve just signed up to Tidal, my first music streaming service, and I am absolutely loving it so far. Skee Mask has popped up based on my likes etc. and I am really enjoying everything I am hearing by him. This popped up last night;


Can’t believe this is the original upload from 2017 and it has only 100 plays…


102 now!

I listened to it because of the band name, which is hilarious.

This is REALLY good. The overall atmosphere reminds me of Integral’s “The past is my shadow” (an album I think is amazing and that you’ll most probably like if you don’t know it already)

My only critic here is that, after the initial laugh, the name works against them IMHO.

Thanks for posting, I shall investigate further!