What are you listening to?




This is most excellent - thanks for posting!

I remember hearing about The Bulgarian Voices back in the mid-nineties but I had totally forgotten about them.

Heilung must be big fans :slight_smile:



i’m on a quest for the music of the future, all i can find right now is broken up electronics with a sort of retrofuture vibe

^ this gets good after a couple of listens though




I saw that the other day. Into watches myself, so I knew maybe 1/2 to 1/3 of the ones they showed there. I have… I think 5 watches right now. Between my collection and my mom’s, it got to the point it actually made sense for me to order some tools so I can do all our batteries, and I just ordered my first automatic earlier today.


LUL Just listened The Hives . Best album ever T̲he V̲i̲nes - H̲i̲ghly E̲v̲olved (Full Album)







How did I miss this?


I love the opening to this so much. Also, that solo near the end.

Two Inch Astronaut is one of the most tragically ignored bands I’ve ever heard.





i enjoyed that