What are you listening to?




There’s a reason people worship YMO you know.


You guys know nothing of music.


No ice cream van?


vintage analog melodic goodness


one of those i visit from time to time


There have been some sick edits of this band into bangin house tracks, but now that I’ve found the originals, I think I might prefer them.


Someone posted this here a long time ago (pre-server crash) and I’ve been trying to find it again for so long… AND FINALLY SOMEONE IN A FACEBOOK GROUP I’M IN POSTED THE ARTIST AND I FOUND THE VIDEO I SAW AGAIN AND HERE IT IS AGAIN!!!

It reminds me of so many rappers I know lol they write some lyrics but don’t seem to have any concept of timing or meter or any sort of arrangement, and they ask for a beat like, “yeah man I got some mad rhymes i want to throw”, with no direction as to what they want it to sound like, then they just vomit their lyrics all over whatever sound is playing lol you could just throw in some whales mating lol and they’ll be like, “I got it so hard here cuz I’m so real/Keeping it real cuz all of the rappers are real fantastic”


Armstrong new EP ‘Sumo
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Nirvana and alice in chains unplugged performance.

And chris cornell.



Holly Herndon - Frontier
new IDMF release is DOPE nice job @metaside



New album ‘Discovery’ - Keoni

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Astro Raph - Axe God
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Weezer - Undone, great track and video!

I’m looking for some new kosmische today but currently listening to Jeff Mills - Step to enchantment




Brilliant track, Brilliant video