What are you listening to?


can’t remember what synth patch this is, but I’m pretty sure I’ve used it before as a lead. +1





Mr. Bill is fucking great!


that FOMO tune, cool, really cool, here’s something sort of along these lines:

or this

kek at eminem

also, this is nice:




Those are fantastic.



Love this video…




That’s such a bizarre one haha, love it though. Wish DyE’s stuff was a little more consistent… although i remember reading somewhere he was like 16 when he made Fantasy. Pretty top notch stuff.


Martin Roth’s version of Nils Fhram’s Says is imo one of those instances where not only does a cover do it justice; It’s damn near preferred over Fhram’s version.

I sincerely love his energy and that during this performance he is literally the only person in the room as far as he is concerned.



There is some great shit in here. :+1:
for lovers of funky synthwave, here is my contri for today:


Back to my youth.


Perfect choice for an alternate Toy Soldiers: Cold War soundtrack.


When I was looking through this thread before I came across this I thought the name sounded super familiar so I added it to my list of things to check out, and I ended up listening to it on my commute today, and it was cool as hell. Props to you and @JvS that was an awesome listen.