What are you listening to?



Dude that orchestral tribute was fuckin insane!! so good. That was a cover of Omen if I remember, isn’t it?

Epic. Very chilling :slight_smile:


Per the youtube video’s index of covers:

0:00 - Out of Space
1:42 - Omen
2:50 - Spitfire
3:14 - No Good (Start the Dance)
4:08 - Breathe
4:50 - Firestarter



And you should totally hear them do their tribute to Avicci!



Def Omen.

Edit - oh nvm @Jayson has it. More than one.

It’s crazy how you get the familiarity of the parts they’re playing.






I really enjoy this, kind of has Omni Trio vibes to it.



The bartenders are the actual original voice actors :smiley:

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I’m always weary of bands with a gimmick but Skynd is dope. Death/True crime themed songs with amazing production, lyrics that show knowledge of the subject matter, and really interesting vocals




Fav moment at 2:45


Messer Chups ftw. Love them. If you like that, ever checked out Satan’s Pilgrims?



Bought the latest Bad Religion and it’s quite shit.



Been diggin’ the fucking shit out of this artist lately.