What are you listening to?


I’ve had the DVD for some time now but it comes with the original theme which is frankly wishy-washy but the Filmation UK conversion is rarer than pubes on a radioactive foetus (yeh fuck you Yank spellchecker :smiley: ) and at the time I bought it could not find it anywhere.

Yay YouTube.

Also I now need to dig it out and watch it again now you’ve prodded my drooping neurons :smiley:

Meanwhile, not quite on loop, but listening to:





REALLY??? :astonished:





Its nice opening the boxset without having to open the boxset.

Woot more Clutch:


I love this artstyle and the mood of the track. I like it when it doesn´t sound polished to the max.




I love that Juno album so much, was a total mainstay of my playlists for many years. Killer drop!


I love


Loved how he used a small space in his guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel to make a great scene out of it.





Desperately wants to be Clutch or Kaleo but decent:

Production is turd though.


via @Qianta: