Well here we are all new and born again :)

Nice new look, like it. Need to read up and catch up by the look of things.

Guess FB is where the info is.

Welcome back … im off to do some work.


Welcum back

If it weren’t for the Discord #offtopic crew I would’ve thought this place went way under for good

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Welcome back!!

Welcome back :slight_smile:

welcome back to thunderdome <3

Originally posted somewhere else but cleaned up my bantha poodo :smiley:

New place so Imma come clean about something I’ve hated for years.

In other communities where I’ve been involved I learned that when you over-compartmentalize stuff you basically making it harder or outright stop the community from communicating. However when I became a mod on IDMf I was a small nothing-potato in a place that was already running the way it was running for years and I saw OCD fucknuggets making it even more so but wasn’t really in a place where I felt I could change that. And when I got admin access I found that the software for managing the forum was so old and dreadful it really wasn’t worth attempting to change it.

Then recently the forum server went boom. Annoying because of data loss but blessing in disguise.

Simplification of structure was forced. Halleh-fucking-loolyah.

Going forward anyone that tries to over-complicate our structure will enjoy the metaphorical equivalent of having their face nailed to the internet desk.


Oddly enough, I remember starting a thread a couple months ago regarding the ancient architecture of the entire forum… and we talked about other options…one including “nuke it from orbit”…

foreshadowing, or conspiracy? :slight_smile:

Either way I’m happy to be here again

You go!!!

I love the new streamlined interface and yes - the simplified organization… but it makes my heart go pitter-pat to know I was a small part of the “back in the day end days.”


The most recent post displaying at the bottom of the page is still taking some getting use to, But its really only the nostalgia talking.

Yep now Ive got it, I dont want it lol

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Lol I remember that being the first thing I changed on the old forum. New post bottom. Think there was a thread for it, like a forum FAQ.

And hi everyone.

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