Weird stuff


lately I’ve been getting tired of music sounding so similar and the same sounds and pre-sets being reused so I’ve been interested in the more unusual/ experimental side of electronic music and would love to hear some new sounds and structures or see some out of the ordinary production techniques.

I tried some weird percussion things myself but I’m struggling to find a way to put together unique sounding melodies so an insight to some new methods would be nice :slight_smile:


Not sure what music you listen to but…
Spectral morphing, lfos, granular synthesis, and using high bpms like 400bpm to do micro edits of percussion of other sounds to get glitch effects…and resampling

Woulg and seamlessr tutorials are great to start off with…also check idmfs resampling thread.


I haven’t looked into this yet, but I know “stochastic” isn’t your everyday random sequencer, there’s some math that goes into that.


you could look into jazz and modulating between keys for some melodic weirdness. dissonance can be cool too. or playing with high resonance filters on beats to find patterns that live between melodic/timbra/rhytmic movement. anything 303 related like acid house/techno also can be fertile ground for unorthodox melodic lines.