Wave / Neo / Trap

All of it goes. Let’s hear the trill n’ synths of the best scifi cybery goodness.

What is this, softvapor?

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think this is …

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Not exactly, but I really enjoyed it! :slight_smile: I’m not familiar with the covered song. It’s pretty, though.

lol …

hmm ok wut bout some IAMDDB:

that manchester neo trap wave style innit!?!? :wink:

Hmmm think this is in the same vibe your looking for:

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Still can’t get enough of this Wave style shit. So good.

Anybody got more of that Boards of Canada-style VHS phonk?


Made a spotify playlist of some of my favorites in this genre, for the 0% of you who give a fuck :wink:

Juche’s new single fucking SLAPS