Voice to MIDI


There seems to be only one major software that offers this (when you search for Voice To MIDI). Does anyone have experience with this? I like the idea of bypassing all the drum machines and synths – just by utilizing your mouth. Create the MIDI with your mouth, and just dress up the sounds later.


If you just need the notes, lots of software has audio-to-MIDI functions. I used it for some tracks before in Ableton, for instance. For the expressivity, you can just use the volume/loudness of your singing and an envelope follower.


I remember when Ableton was bragging about being able to do this years ago, but TBH I’ve never really checked it out. Something tells me it would be 99% easier to sing a melody and pick the notes out on a keyboard like they did in the olden days, but I suppose there’s probably a way to ‘automate’ pretty much anything if you put your mind to it. Penciling in on a piano roll also applies here, I’m not sure how that part could get any easier.

I’d also argue that the best way to automate it would be to build your own automator, since we have so many libraries that you could probably stitch together fairly easily to do exactly what you want (no fancy UI needed, you know what I mean?), but again, I’m from the stone age where all of the crazy tools that we have today didn’t exist, so don’t mind me :smiley: