Virtual Reality - WYSIWYG Editor and online hosting

Hi, I wondered if anyone here has any knowledge with making a simple VR space online.

I’m keen to find an open source WYSIWYG and a free hosting platform.

I’m not looking to make anything too complex, just a space, geometric shapes and adding image layers. I don’t even need animation. Essentially I want to create a simple VR ‘room’ for each track from an EP.

I found this resource but it seems that people need the app for it to work.

Has anyone had any luck with using the visual component editor.

Keen to hear your thoughts?

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I think you could just use unreal 4. It’s free, has a bunch of shapes you can drop into a 3-d space, you can use the skybox to put background images all around your viewpoint, and I’m sure it supports vr if you check a box. Then you can probably add map triggers to play each song in the correct room (with positional audio if you desire) and package the whole thing up as a game and sell it that way. Not sure if you can run that in a browser or if your audience is going to need some minimum pc specs to run it, but bonus if you can make it run in a browser, I know unity will do that but there’s a lot more nickeling and diming on the dev side iirc.

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If the conversation has gone this far, then there is one thing. This is a javascript library

In general, there are a lot of 3d libraries, just google it, here is the link

How To Create Virtual Worlds With JavaScript

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