VCV rack and daws thread


basically an all vcv rack and daw questions thread

how do i use vcv rack in fl studio?

or how do i load wav files into vcv rack sampler and save the audio as a wav file?




As a very simple option, you could use Cardinal VST which is based on VCV with some limitations.


i have this idea where i want to use fls slicex…or a vcv equivalent of slicex…and trigger the samples of the cut up break in {slicex or a vcv equivaltent} in euclidean sequences in an odd time signature and modulate that with gross beat automation…

also i can get past triggering the dc signal from my keyboard routed to audio output lol…

Using freeware…i have budget constraints.


I don’t know what gross beat is (yet) but all of the other stuff is very possible.

Were the euclidean triggers not making it to the DAW? I can shoot a video of getting those to trigger slicex samples if it helps any. You can also do it from other DAWs with the FL VSTi instance.

FL euclideans in detail

If you create a dedicated controller track in FL, you can put cardinal and the patch I made on it, and then send the MIDI out to any MIDI channel (by picking a number). All you have to do otherwise is open an instrument track, set it to receive MIDI from the same MIDI channel number and then it’ll get controlled in real-time.

I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a way to actually record those notes for later use like you can in other DAWs, but likely it’s possible in some sort of convoluted FL fashion with a million safety mechanisms screaming warnings at you for trying to make music.

I’m not sure if Cardinal / VCV has an exact beat detector-slicer (even VM doesn’t, that I know of, even though you could technically do really precise math and get anything to work), but the Renoise Redux VST demo will do all of that for you if you don’t mind a few noise blasts on occasion. Honestly I just worked those into the track until I had enough change to pick it up :smiley:

Pure Data can also do all of this and more without having to connect anything external, but it’s not for everybody. I’m still not fully comfortable with it yet thanks to all of these amazing other tools that already exist and basically cut out the math problems (also, permanent snowblind mode is a serious problem because I like dark themes only). PlugData also exists (a VST fork), but trust me when I say that it crashes constantly and definitely isn’t worth using until they really iron out all the bugs, because it forgets your patch when it goes down.

Also, if you need a host, Reaper isn’t free, but you know. It’s free


Also, I might get a little bit of shit for saying this but trying to do complex routing, use external controllers and pipe modular into FL studio is a lot like trying to compete in a cycling tournament with training wheels.; it’s technically possible, but most of the safety features just get in the way and slow you down. Any other DAW will likely just accept whatever you throw at it if you tell it what to do, rather than having to match numbers 1:1 and give it a formula every time. Everything else is actually more intuitive (unless FL is seriously the only way your brain will work, which in that case I’d suggest giving up the euclidean pursuit unless you can find a piano roll script that works well enough or something strictly internal).

FL Studio is definitely the EDM party DAW – “don’t worry about the technical shit, just write some jams”.



Ill make a vid…later…so my issue could be better troubleshooted…